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Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Work Less, Earn More with These 3 Careers

Work Less, Earn More with These 3 Careers
by Amelia Gray,

Everyone's looking for the secret: How can you work fewer hours every week and earn more money? Aside from stashing a decoy at your desk and sneaking out for a long lunch, the idea seems impossible. Fortunately, you can train for a few unlikely jobs that offer great hours along with a healthy salary.

Health Care Career Training

When you consider the health care industry, you might picture the years of medical school and residency programs that can leave doctors exhausted. In truth, many health care jobs promise long hours and years in school before you have a chance to practice. If you know where to look, however, you can find a few jobs that offer surprising rewards for a relatively short amount of training.

Career #1: Dental Hygienist

You could be responsible for all the smiles in the room as a dental hygienist. Healthy teeth make for happy patients, and you'll work under the supervision of a dentist to clean teeth, remove deposits, take X-rays, and explain oral hygiene. Patients will love you for your chair-side manner, and you'll love the job that offers interesting daily challenges and keeps you busy.

* Work Less: Over half of all dental hygienists work part time, meaning you can schedule your job around your life. Take more hours if you need the salary, or fewer if you have obligations outside of work.

* Earn More: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that dental hygienists earned mean annual wages of $66,950 in 2008.

* Career Training: An associate's degree or certificate in dental hygiene is required for practice in most dental offices. Go on to a career in research, teaching, or clinical practice with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Career #2: Radiology Technician

Beauty may only be skin deep, but you'll get much more in-depth with a career as a radiology technician. As an expert of x-ray technology, you'll scan patients to determine injury and disability in the bone or soft tissue. You might work as a general technician, or specialize in mammograms or fluoroscopies. No matter your specialty, you'll always work under the direction of a physician or surgeon.

* Work Less: While most radiology technicians work a 40-hour week, there are plenty of opportunities for evening, weekend, or on-call hours. Shift work and part-time hours are also available.

* Earn More: Radiology technicians saw mean annual wages of $53,230 in 2008, the BLS reports.

* Career Training: Training could lead to anything from a certificate to a bachelor's degree. Go for more education if you hope to end up training, managing, or teaching other technicians.

Career #3: Medical Assistant

Become the friendly face of your local doctor's office with a career as a medical assistant. You'll perform administrative tasks like answering the phone, taking down patient information, and scheduling appointments. Special training is needed to handle sensitive patient records and use scheduling software programs. In some states, you may even perform clinical duties in the doctor's office.

* Work Less: Many medical assistants work weekends, evenings, or part time. In a doctor's office that takes Monday or Friday off, you could end up enjoying a three-day weekend every weekend.

* Earn More: The BLS reports that medical assistants earned mean annual wages of $29,060 in 2008. Most worked in the offices of physicians, though the medical assistants working in hospitals earned slightly more, at $30,930.

* Career Training: A certificate or associate's degree is generally required for most medical assistants. Go for more education if you live in a state that allows assistants to perform clinical tasks.

Education and Your Career Future

While no career training program can guarantee you'll end up working less and earning more, training for the above careers is a great way to prepare for a truly rewarding career. With as little as a diploma or certificate program, you could find yourself in a job you genuinely enjoy, working hours you love, while earning the salary you deserve.

Amelia Gray is a freelance writer in Austin, Texas.

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