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Minggu, 19 September 2010

9 Free Job Interview Tips

Follow These and Get Ahead

It's a tough job market these days. More and more people are applying for less and less jobs and it looks set to get worse before it gets better.

But don't despair. Good people are still finding jobs and so can you. You just need to be better organised and more prepared than your competition – we'll show you how.

Here are 9 easy-to-follow free job interview tips which will help you on the road to landing the job you want.

Free Job Interview Tip 1 - Research
Make sure you research both the Company/Organisation and the job, well before your interview date. That way you'll be able to answer common job interview questions like:

    "Tell us what you know about ABC Company"

    "What do you think the job involves, day-to-day?"

Many job interview candidates don't do proper research and it shows in their job interview answers. Do yours and stand out. Interviewers expect you to know about their Company and the job, so don't disappoint them.

Here's more about preparing for a job interview by doing research.

Free Job Interview Tip 2 - Appearance
Most job interview candidates think about what to wear, but many don't think beyond that.

Because it's not just about wearing a suit. Too few candidates think about their hair, jewellery, perfume, make-up and so on – you should. Remember, the first impression you make on your interviewers is often the lasting one, so don't screw it up.

Take just 5 minutes to read our tips on job interview clothes and appearance.

Free Job Interview Tip 3 - Arrival
Our third free job interview tip is to plan your arrival well. It's better to arrive an hour early and get a coffee than arrive late and make a poor first impression. So assume the worse about the traffic and plan accordingly.

When you arrive for your job interview, be polite and friendly to everyone who meets you. Don't save it just for the interviewers. The receptionist might be friends with one of the interviewers and you don't want him or her to mention that you seemed a little rude when you arrived.
So check out our advice on arriving for an interview in style and with confidence.

Free Job Interview Tip 4 - Interview Nerves
Everyone suffers from interview nerves to some degree. The secret is to manage them so they don't sabotage your chances of landing the job you want.

So take a few minutes to read our free job interview tips on dealing with interview nerves.

Free Job Interview Tip 5 - Body Language
Not rocket science but worth a few minutes thought. After all, you don't want great job interview answers ruined by a few avoidable mistakes.

Learn the dos and don'ts of interview body language here.

Free Job Interview Tip 6 - Common Job Interview Questions
If you've done your research you'll understand what the job involves, the skills needed and the sort of person the interviewers are looking for. This will give you a fairly good idea of what job interview questions you'll be asked.

To help you, here are 38 sample interview questions.

Free Job Interview Tip 7 - Answering Interview Questions
As well as thinking about what answers to give, think a little about how you answer job interview questions too. Sometimes the way in which you answer and the words you use, say more about you than the actual content of your answer.

Here's some advice about using the right language when answering job interview questions.

Free Job Interview Tip 8 - Interview Questions To Ask
And make sure you have a few interview questions of your own to ask. If you have none, it can appear to the interviewers that you are not that interested in the job or perhaps so desperate you'd take it without having all your questions answered. Either way you give a bad impression. So read our advice on good interview questions to ask.

Free Job Interview Tip 9 - Interview Thank You
And finally, don't think it's all over after you've left the interview room. Your interviewers might mull over the applicants overnight, maybe over a couple of days and this gives you a chance to make one final good impression by sending an interview thank you letter.

If you were the best applicant, your initiative will just confirm the interviewers' choice. If you were 2nd or 3rd, your initiative might push you to the top of the pile. You have nothing to lose!

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