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Senin, 06 September 2010

Job Optimism Buoys Class of 2007

by Tom Musbach, Yahoo! HotJobs

Hope is high among the class of 2007 as they enter the workforce. Most new college graduates expect to find jobs quickly, and good benefits and advancement trump salary as their top priorities, according to new research.

Nearly 3 out of 4 college seniors (72%) said they expect to find a job within three months of graduation, according to a recent Yahoo! HotJobs survey. In addition, 77% reported starting their job search before graduation day.

The graduates have good reason to be optimistic, as the U.S. unemployment rate remains very low. Also, employers plan to hire nearly 20 percent more new college graduates this year than last year, based on projections from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

"The hiring climate looks practically ideal for the class of 2007," says Susan Vobejda, vice president of marketing for Yahoo! HotJobs. "These new grads are showing they understand the job market and what it takes to make a solid career start."

Money Isn't Everything!

Salary was not the graduates' biggest consideration for evaluating job offers. The respondents -- more than 600 U.S. college students who were surveyed online -- said their top priorities for accepting a job offer are (in order of importance):

    * Good benefits (83%)
    * A well-defined career path/opportunity for advancement (78%)
    * Strong starting salary (69%)
    * A company with a good reputation (64%)
    * Work-life balance (63%)

Alexandra Levit, a career consultant and author of "They Don't Teach Corporate in College," said the order of priorities reflects awareness about value and meaningful work among today's graduates.

"They are probably also listening to their parents and career counselors, who are telling them that the financial value of benefits usually far outweighs a few thousand dollars of extra salary," she says.

Strategies for Success

According to the survey, many graduating seniors are using multiple resources to assist their job searches, including networking with professionals (48%), visiting the campus career center (48%), using online job sites (48%), and visiting web sites of potential employers (39%).

Career experts also recommend the following tips for graduates entering the market:

    * Use your resume to demonstrate concrete results, measurable impacts.
    * Research the company, and present your knowledge in the cover letter.
    * Apply for appropriate positions that match your qualifications.
   * Follow up after sending a resume; hiring managers will note your initiative.

Finally, don't despair if a job offer doesn't arrive immediately, Levit says. "Reach out to your support systems, allow your parents to help you, and consider taking some time off -- after all, you'll never have the freedom of being between school and work again!"

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