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Selasa, 07 September 2010

Make a Fresh Start This Spring

Spring-Cleaning to Improve Your Work Life
by Caroline Levchuck, Yahoo! HotJobs

Spring has sprung. What better way to embrace the season by doing a little professional spring cleaning?

De-clutter Your Desk

The long winter may have left your desk in disarray. Piles of papers, sticky notes that have stuck around for way too long, and unread news articles are common culprits.

To begin the unpleasant process, you'll have to admit some lies. You're not ever going to "Call Tom!" or read the pile of trade magazines gathering dust in the corner.

File away anything that you must keep. Take action on what you've been avoiding but are willing to address. Toss everything else.

Clutter on your desk and in your office clutters your mind.

Out With the Old Projects, in With the New

If you're like most people, you probably have an unfinished project or two on your plate.

Take a look at why each project remains unfinished. Are you merely being lazy? Or are you overwhelmed by the work that still needs to be done? Perhaps the project itself is shaping up to be a waste of time and resources.

Whatever the case, speak with your supervisor to get the assistance you need to finish a project -- or the permission to abandon it altogether.

You can't spring forward if you're bogged down with old projects.

Organize Your Email Inbox

If you've got scores of old emails lingering in your inbox, you may risk noticing important new messages. Address old messages this spring so you can face the season with an empty inbox.

Also, if you haven't done so, create folders for important messages that you wish to keep after they've been addressed.

And here's one final point for motivation: Some professional spring cleaning can go a long way to enhancing your attitude and productivity.

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