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Senin, 15 November 2010

Freelance Article Writing Jobs Online - How Can I Survive the Tough Competition?

Are you doing freelance article writing jobs online? For most freelance writers, they get their writing assignments from freelance websites like eLance or RentaCoder.
Any freelance writers who have joined these websites know how tough the competition can be at times. While it is true that there are many new assignments everyday, there are also many competitors that you have to compete with.
Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to make money online. This means you will only get to see more and more people becoming a free lance writer. In other words, you can expect to face even tougher competition in the future.
In order to survive the competition, you need to have other sources of writing assignments. In fact, you should start doing what most freelance writers are not doing.
Instead of just getting assignments from freelance websites, you should also start to take the initiative to contact webmasters. Ask them if they would like new content written for their websites.
Most webmaster will probably say yes. Ultimately, webmasters do need fresh content on a regular basis. No many freelance writers are taking the initiative to contact webmasters. Therefore, you can expect to face a lot less competition in this area.
In fact, if the webmaster like the articles that you have written, you are almost guaranteed that they will want to hire you again in the future. In fact, they might even refer new clients to you.

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