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Jumat, 26 November 2010

Proper Diet for Women's Careers


A survey found that most women work blame the job as their cause weight gain. As a super busy woman, almost certainly they do not have time to just think about body shape. Solid working hours and excessive stress makes their eating patterns into disarray.

Starting from skipping breakfast is very important, then lose time because of busy lunch and conclude with a potluck dinner. With this lifestyle as they will not get adequate food intake to work. But instead of losing weight, they tend to suffer from excess weight. Why did this happen?

Stressful working environment make a career woman looking for an escape by eating foods that spoil cans Their appetite and make them feel happy and comfortable. After a day of struggling with the important deals and have to withstand hunger, it is not sinful if you reward yourself with a large package of cheese burger and a glass of milkshake for dinner. After all, this day was filled by the stomach only a few packets of chips, candy, and coffee glasses. This illustration shows how unhealthy as the food consumed super busy career woman who ultimately have an impact on their weight increase.

To keep the body healthy and a little weight loss widened to stay awake during a woman's career, here are the tips:

1. Do not miss breakfast.
How busy you should never miss breakfast. If you do not have time to do it at home, do it in the office. According to researchers at the National Weight Control Registry, a breakfast to keep the body stay slim because you are waking from hunger and avoid snacking until the next mealtime. Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, of Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, the United States found that breakfast is two eggs each day to lose weight 65% faster! Do not forget to combine it with vegetables and fresh fruit sugars that can supply blood to the brain, such as citrus, apple and strawberry.

2. Balanced menu for lunch.
We recommend you bring lunch from home because in addition to more hygienic and secure nutrition, portion measuring more measured and certainly cheaper. But often lack the time to be a reason to not prepare and bring lunch, so that inevitably you have to eat lunch outside the office. If you have to buy lunch choose a balanced diet with intake of carbohydrate, protein and less fat. Do not forget to insert vegetables and fruit on every menu. Fruits should be eaten before other foods consumed. Be careful with bottled sauce and soy sauce because they contain excessive sugar and salt.

3. Avoid snacks.
Sitting at the computer all day and skipping lunch to make you will try to prop up your stomach with a variety of snacks that 'feel' filling. A handful of corn tortilla chips, a chocolate muffin, fried potato chips are still warm and it was too tempting to pass up. If you want to be healthy, stop that thought right now because these snacks are high in cholesterol and high saturated fat and almost no nutrition. Once the hunger strike better you eat the fruit. No need to bother cutting or peeling, just buy a fruit salad, salad or fruit juice is enough, provided no added sugar that is too much.

4. Drinking water.
Eight glasses a day is the recommended nominal. However, for you are based in air-conditioned room, you should consume more because the body will quickly become dehydrated. Provide a container of water is always large enough so that you do not need to go back and forth to the dispenser for drinking. In addition to launching metabolism, drinking water can also satisfy their hunger.

5. Sports.
Inevitably exercise and a balanced diet is the principal keys to be healthy and have the ideal body. No need to be heavy, because you will not have time. Incorporated in each sport your daily activities. For example, instead of using the elevator, you better go up stairs, or come directly to cubicle friends instead of sending private message, and do light stretching while sitting at your work station.

Working at the computer and busy in the office every day is not a constraint for a person to maintain health and body shape. The point is to live life and eat a balanced diet. The key is intent. Maintain ideal body shape is important, but your health is much more important. Be wise in choosing your diet program!

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