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Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your MLM Blog

By Neils Andersen

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Choosing A Good MLM Blog Name
To stand out online you will need to consider a good domain name for your MLM Blog. It is important that you think about this carefully if you want to increase the chances of people finding it online. Your MLM Blog is your little piece of real estate on the internet so take a while to consider what your domain name will be.
A domain name that suits your niche or your name would be a good choice. Also consider what keywords your target market may be searching for. This is good for personal branding.
Using Keywords For Your MLM Blog
You want your MLM Blog to be found online, so a domain name that uses good keywords that are suited to your niche are a good choice. The reason for this is all related to SEO search engine optimization. The better you can optimize your blog the easier it will be found by Google and other search engines.
Using Your Name For Your MLM Blog
The more marketing you do online the greater your internet presence will be. When people see you online they will start doing searches to find out more about you. You can take advantage of this by having a MLM Blog with your own name.
What better place to find out more about you and your business than on your own blog.
Don't Use Company Names For Your Blog
Don't choose a domain name that has your network marketing company name in it for your MLM Blog.
Network marketing companies do like people to have their own websites and do not allow people to use their name, but the main reason is because you want your blog to brand you. If you change network marketing companies you don't want to have to keep switching domain names.
This is very important once you have built up an internet presence and have your own blog.
Where to Buy A Domain Name
These are not expensive. There are many places online where you can buy domain names and most can be bought for less than $10.00 at places like
Your blog is your online real estate and piece of real estate and a domain that uses keywords related to your niche or your own name is the best choice. A good domain name for your MLM Blog will help your business as it will be much easier for your prospects to find you online.

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