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Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Making Your Boss Smile

By Curtis Valentine

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What kind of relationship do you have with your boss? Does your boss want you to be successful? Does the boss see you in the positive or negative? People that please their boss are the ones that get promotions, raises, and other rewards. Every Boss has an A-Team. Are you on the A-Team?

What exactly is it that supervisors/bosses want? Below are a several suggestions that have been through the trial and error test.

1. Understand your work place expectations. Know your job description. You should know what the critical success factors are for you and the team you work with. If you don't know ask. Provide recommendations on how your team could be more successful.

2. Readily accept opportunities. Be prepared for the opportunity to learn something new without hesitation. The more knowledge and skills you have the more valuable you become. The more knowledge and skills you have the quicker you can get on the ladder to growth.

3. Always be punctual. If you are always on time, you are showing a sense of pride and caring for your work and it sets the pace that you are in the game. Your boss will know that you are a professional and have respect. Coming in early when needed shows commitment to success as well as staying late to complete an important task.

4. Give it your best. Come to work ready to be productive. If you are not well, rested mistakes are bound to occur, and occur with frequency. Get off the bench and make things happen. Do not fumble the ball when it's your time to make a big plan.

5. Support. Support the strategic goals that your boss is have to promote. Your boss will appreciate you wanting to understand and will see you as an ally as well as someone who needs to be mentored with more structure.

6. Structure. Understand your chain of command. Don't be afraid to greet your boss's boss. Ask questions to reveal a company's dos and don'ts. Good supervisors/manager should always choose someone for succession training, could it be you.

7. Honesty. Everyone values someone they can trust. Sometimes your boss will ask questions to analyze a situation, be honest because based on your decision he could make the wrong course of action. Tell the truth even if it isn't flattering to you. Your integrity could help your boss fix a negative situation quickly so collateral damage is at a minimum.

8. Problem Solver. Everyone loves a problem solver, whether you are a computer doctor or an HR Guru facilitating office problems as well as technical situations. Problem solvers usually see the big picture and negotiate very well. Every office has a problem solver and he/she may not be in a position of authority. Problem solvers are well respected throughout the organization.

9. Negative talk & gossip. Supervisors and managers look for gossip as an opportunity to provide training or hold a meeting to provide insight into situations. It doesn't matter whom the source is fix the problem with correct information for the good of the team.

10. Communication. Every boss has a preferred method of communication, sometimes it is in person, email, or voicemail. Does your Boss respond quickly by e-mail, but voicemail calls are checked twice a day. Some employees use MS Communicator to converse throughout the day. The problem with MS Communicator is you need the paper trail.

11. Positive Feedback. Provide feedback to other employees about what you know about your boss. Make sure employees as well as others know that your boss is making a difference and is working behind the scenes at moving the organization forward. You are now encouraging others to respond to your boss in a positive light.

So what do you think? Can you make the boss happy without sucking up, sure you can? Can you picture yourself moving up the corporate ladder, you better? What is the biggest change you could make from this list that will influence you considerable?

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