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Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

5 Suggested Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Cleaning Service

By James Lombardo

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1- How Long Have They Been In Business?
There is a level of risk associated with choosing a cleaning company with less than extensive janitorial experience. One concern would be if the company has adequate staffing capabilities in the event of a special request or emergency. They may not have the proper experience or resources to handle a wide variety of requests or problems. An established company may be able to provide testimonials or references that substantiate their performance as where a new company may struggle to provide such documentation. A less established company may experience cash flow venerability which could affect their ability to purchase the necessary cleaning products or equipment to service your building properly. Worst yet, untimely payroll deposits for their employees. Having adequate administrative personnel was also cited as an important consideration. Behind the scenes activity such as quality control, invoicing, interviewing and the training of new hires contribute to running a smooth cleaning operation.
2- What Will Be The Role Of The Salesperson After An Agreement Is Reached?
Take the time to explore the method in which the janitorial company intends to manage your account. Many facility managers believe that having the salesperson you negotiated with remain as your single point of contact throughout the life of the agreement is an important aspect of the relationship. The salesperson may be compensated with a residual commission which is intended to elevate the level of dedication to the client needs.
3- How Long Will The Quoted Price Remain Firm?
Although, most cleaning companies are ethical in their pricing mythology, some do attempt to take advantage low cost selling. Removing the low quote from the selection process often eliminates a potential danger. A firm that represents the lowest quote may soon return to request a price increase so they can then provide the service originally agreed to.
4- How Does The Company Cultivate Their Labor?
Before making a final decision, request a detailed explanation on the process they utilize to recruit, interview, screen, and verify background information for the people who will be entering your building. There are several firms approved by The Department of Homeland Security that can identify individuals that may not meet certain important criteria. An additional level of screening may also include drug screening and credit verification. Increased due diligence creates a peace of mind atmosphere.
5- How Long Will The Contract Remain In Effect?
The most often used term length is 1 year and usually includes a 30 our clause that can be triggered for any reason at all. Many companies are prepared to work with you on a day by day basis so you have the ability to ask them to leave at any time. Negotiate an agreement that both parties are comfortable with and always include a 30 day notice cancellation clause for the protection of both parties

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