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Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Should You Recruit A Targeted Market for Your Network Marketing Company?

By Art Lovell

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This article will discuss the pros and cons of the traditional strategy of recruiting from your warm market or targeted cold market as a network marketer. Ultimately the aim of this article is to provide valuable insight into the benefits of each method to help you grow your business. As network marketer, you are building a team and it goes without saying, that having the right team members is pivotal to your success.
Benefits of Recruiting from the Warm Market
Recruiting from the warm market has 3 main benefits having an existing relationship with potential business partners, potential referrals, and the locality of your leads. When you recruit from the warm market, specifically your family members and friends, you have the benefit of existing relationship. You will not be seen as a stranger salesman and this can be extremely effective in piquing people's interest. Another benefit of recruiting warm market is that you may get an easy referral due to your existing relationship. You friend or coworker may not be interested in joining your business, but they may refer you to their associates who are. Lastly, a major benefit of recruiting warm market you have the benefit of your potential business partners being local which makes it easier to invite to local hotel or home presentations.
Benefits of Recruiting From a Targeted Cold Market
There are 3 major benefits of recruiting from a targeted cold market. They are more leads due to a bigger market, the ability to target leads interested in your business, and starting the recruiting process from a position of authority. First, by moving your recruiting efforts online allows you to reach more people than you can by simply recruiting from your friends and family through various advertising methods online. Recruiting online allows you to filter out people who are uninterested in your opportunity and only speak to people who are interested through advertising. Lastly, recruiting from a targeted cold market allows you to recruit from a position if authority through marketing online and attracting only the leads that are interest in more information about your company and your team.
Is one method better than the other? Ultimately, both methods should be learned and mastered. People have seen success using both methods but the trend of many network marketing building strategies have focused online simply because there are more people online than in your warm market. However, network marketing will always will be a relationship business and you should work hard on establishing relationships with potential business partners online and offline.

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