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Kamis, 16 September 2010

Career Advice & Professional Mentoring Tips

Written by Clarke Simmons,

If you have just left school and are trying to find a way to start your career then you might find that it’s much more difficult than you imagined. There are however quite a few things that you can do to land that dream career so that you’re proud and happy with your job.

Things you can do

Later on we’re going to mention the possibility of hiring professional career advisors to help you decide what sort of job to do, however before we show you how to find mentors we will look at some of the important things that you can do yourself.

Getting a job and building a career is ultimately your own responsibility, even if you do decide to hire help you will still be required to put in plenty of effort. It’s not all up to the career advisor to get you your dream job. You must think about the type of job that you would like to do, and start planning how you are going to achieve it. If you can find your own way then you will find it much more rewarding.

Keep an eye on job vacancies in your local paper or on the internet, if you find any that match your career plan then apply to them even if you already have a job. Try to build relationships with people that can help you to achieve your goals.

To stand any chance of landing a good job you need to be seen as a form of expert in the field, to make this possible you should make sure that you communicate as much as possible. Tell people what you are doing, and don’t be afraid to take the credit when you do something right. The idea is to try and build your personal brand, some way to differentiate you from the hundreds of other applications.

The most important thing that you can do yourself is take a personal interest in getting the job done, don’t wait for people to come looking for you. Make sure that you’re the first to do everything, this way you stand a much better chance of climbing up the career ladder as quickly as possible.

Hiring Help

Once you’ve done all of the things that you can do to help yourself you might like to consider hiring a career advisor, there are a number of different executive coaching experts all over Australia, many of which can offer very useful services.

One of the most popular career advice websites is CareerSavant which can be found at This site is wonderful because it puts you in touch with the business experts that you so desperately need to see, the cost of the service is very reasonable, and considering what you get should make all the difference to your career.

When using the services of CareerSavant you can either find a mentor through the website and then pay using them as an agency, or you can also look at private listings.

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