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Kamis, 16 September 2010

The Truth Behind The Crash And A New Career Development Plan

Written by Bob Calkin,

I have just completed a new ebook called "The truth behind the crash and a new career development plan". However, I think you will find that it has some interesting stuff about the crash and what this will mean for your career and how you will need to think about a career development plan.

Most people believe that the crash is the result of greedy financiers letting their greed runaway with them. This is probably true, but it obscures an important fundamental problem with the structure of the economy, that made it possible for the financiers to do what they did. Remember the financiers acted with the blessing of regulators (read regulators who didn't really regulate) in many of the nations of the developed world.

The basic problems was that the boom of the last few years was fueled by the debt of householders who couldn't buy all of the stuff on offer from their ordinary incomes. The power of the productive machine had outstripped to capacity of households to consume the huge volume of goods and services and so the financiers came in and kept the wheels of industry and consumption turning over. The economy collapsed because of the debt burden, but the crash would have occurred much sooner if this credit had not been provided. The result has been a massive loss of wealth in the trillions and all the other turmoil that we are all experiencing.

Some of you will start accusing me of being a negative doom merchant, but if you continue reading yon will see that I am not really negative at all. I believe that the present crash offers many great opportunities, but it will not be business as usual, it won't be consumption as usual, and our sense of what it means to be successful will not be the same as it has been.

Why is this?

Well it's because the ecosystems of the Earth will not let us continue to degrade the Earth in the way we have been doing. It would take three planet Earths to continue the level of consumption that the developed world has indulged in, and if countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil are to consume on the same scale and in the same way as people in the developed world. The economy is a subsystem of the ecosystem and must obey its laws.

I believe that a new driver of the economy has to be found and that new driver could be the repair of the Earth's ecosystems. Such a driver of the economy will go right to the very core of the economy, create millions of jobs and rejuvenate the way we live. If this new economy is to preserve the benefits of our modern civilization we will have to be very much smarter about how we design and produce the goods and services we need and much smarter about how we consume them.

I believe that there is a groundswell of support for such an economy, that I will call a green economy, as many millions of people throughout the world realize that the economy that has collapsed was not sustainable. These people want something more than the "crap" the media serves up to as a desirable life style. They sense that all the glitz and glamor is not what a real human being is about.

I also believe that one of the reasons the eloquent words of President Obama at his inauguration were so heartily received was because they expressed the hopes and aspirations of millions of people around the world not just in the United States.

Because we will all need to be very smart about what we do and how we live, the workplace and our wider lives are going to be far more demanding than in the past. This is a daunting prospect for the majority of people, because at this time most do not have the qualities that are going to be needed.

Now is the time to develop these qualities, because the bad news is if you don't you will be left behind. The good news is that if you develop these qualities and create a career development plan with the new realities in mind then you will prosper in the new realities.

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