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Kamis, 16 September 2010

Career Captivity

Written by Mario Venturini,

Although they do not realize it many people are held captive by their career. Even when their job is in jeopardy and it becomes clear that the company they work for is in trouble, the typical approach is to look for a similar job with a similar firm. Particularly for older people, the feeling seems to be that your future is predicated on what you have done in the past. This is a shortsighted approach to one’s professional endeavors and can be quite accurately described as career captivity.

As Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and life coach suggests, the past does not equal the future. Certainly what you have accomplished over your career helps to define who you are today. You have learned many skills and usable lessons that can certainly provide value to you as you set about to earn an income. But your career efforts of the past are just that the past. They do not define who you will be tomorrow—or even this afternoon—if you choose to change it.

The world around us is constantly in a state of flux, always evolving and changing. Our career is exactly the same. Even if you have been in the same career for a long number of years, the way you do your job today is probably very different from the way you did it when you started. More often than not these changes are positive, and allow us to get more done in less time.

Career captivity starts however when you feel like you have no other options. Often times you’ll hear people say it’s “all I know,” or something else like “it’s all I’ve ever done.” This is a very shortsighted approach and clearly indicates that the person is being held captive to their career. The reason is that regardless of what you’ve done in the past, regardless of what your career has included, today is today and you can do anything that you want to do. If you are dissatisfied with your career, or are concerned about losing your job, you need to break out and seek freedom from career captivity.

Especially if you’ve been in the workforce for a long time, look to the Internet to find career freedom. People the world over are making fortunes through online Internet marketing, and doing it very quickly. It is a skill, regardless of background, that anyone can learn and that can be started with a few keystrokes. What are you waiting for?

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