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Kamis, 16 September 2010

Carpenter Apprentice

Written by Jereme T Green,

A carpenter apprentice goal is to become a great carpenter in order that he or she may complete this task they have to learn the carpentry trade or at least the basics.

During the learning process there are two tasks that a apprentice must complete in order to become a carpenter. The objective that a apprentice must complete is their schooling. Most people agree that it takes about four years of schooling to become a all around good carpenter. In school they teach apprentices the fundamentals of carpentry and more. The union carpenter school that I went to teaches students how to do concrete work. interior and exterior work and more.
The other part of the learning process is my favorite, on the job training. Its my favorite because the apprentice is getting paid to learn. Its the best way to get an education in my opinion. Usually a apprentice follows a journeyman carpenter. The journeyman carpenter teaches the apprentices all he knows until the apprentice gets it right.

Through out all the learning the apprentice learns how to work with carpentry tools as well. Some may have power such as a screw gun or a skill saw. Other tools will not have power such as utility knife and a hand saw. When not paying attention while using these tools all of them are equally dangerous. This is why they are taught to be safe while using every tool.

After 4 years of going back and forth to school and on the job training. The apprentice will eventually become a journeyman carpenter and be on his own. Most apprentices have it easy now a days back in my day I had to carry 2 by 4's and big planks, up hill in the snow I carried them up hill 2 miles just to find out there was another hill go up I did this everyday for one year. LOL I'm just kidding thank you for reading have a great day. More details at

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