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Kamis, 16 September 2010

Tips for Entry Level Job Seekers

Written by Paulo Boranti,

Nowadays, most job offers prefer applicants with some degree of experience. This is quite ironic if not downright funny. For how can you get a job if you don’t have experience and how do you get experience if they won’t give you a job because you don’t have experience? To get around this problem, it is best to start your entry level job search.?This type of?employment search has its peculiar challenges but there are places that entertain applicants who do not have any job experience.

Your local college or university is a good place to start your entry level job search. Before there was internet, schools would have a bulletin board for employers to post job vacancies for new graduates or students. But now everything is done online. So look for the websites of local schools; they may have jobs posted there. Some jobs do not require a degree since they are meant specifically for those who are still studying. Naturally, these jobs are not for workers with extensive experience since students don’t have any at this point. So start your career search with the college or university in your area and keep checking back from time to time if there still aren’t any.

Your state’s website is another good place to start your entry level job search since they usually have sections specifically for this purpose. States are concerned with the status of their citizens, including their economic conditions, and they want to help find jobs for the people, whether they have experience or not. The local employment office can also help you in your entry level job search by posting jobs. Plus, they will usually have instructions on navigating their website and might even have sample resumes and cover letters for you to use as a guide. This is especially helpful for those who don’t have work experience or some who have been housebound and now want to go back to the workforce. If you want to talk to the people working at these sites, don’t hesitate to contact them too.

Enroll in classes that are offered at your state’s unemployment office; they will help in your entry level search for a job. Or take adult education classes to improve your skills. A higher level of education can compensate for lack of experience and you may gain skills which some employers will find more useful than another person’s experience.

Updates in certain computer programs will also give you an advantage since many programs get upgraded regularly. Keeping abreast with developments in technology and knowing the most up-to-date applications gives you the edge in your entry level job search. If schooling is not within your budget now, take advantage of free classes offered by your state or local college. Some continuing education classes are also quite affordable, so check them out and see where you can gain the most knowledge at a price you can pay for.

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